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We know when a “house” becomes a “home”. What we offer is more than a structure but an embodiment of comfort, joy and satisfaction customized for your desires. A home is where you express yourself freely, thus; in Gatenyo & Associates Inc., we strive to listen and understand our clients first. It is our utmost purpose to provide our clients to build the home they dreamed of and to help them achieve theirenvision while they experience life. We believe that the house we build will reflect your personality, sense of aesthetics and your life style all combined in fragments of smart design, architectural sophistication, delicately selected materials and quality of workmanship which will become your legacy.

Our company will guide you from A to Z during the design and building process tailored to bring order, efficiency and satisfaction. You and your family will fit in your new home as if it was always there, the only thing that is left out of the door will be your moving boxes.

Only you can live your dream, we are here to help your dream home come true.

Superior Construction Services

Find the perfect new home for your family or business. Gatenyo & Associates Inc. offers construction services and high-quality real estate in Los Angeles, California, and surrounding areas. don't waste your time dealing with individual shops and let our team handle everything.

our services include: planning, design, development, architecture, engineering, artist renderings, construction management.


We’ve experienced in every satisfied customer, a professional outline of systematic order in the name of smart design, engineering and construction. It is the little nuances we do in each project that improve our systematic approach while we customize them for every client. Dedication and passion for our work to take the business to the next step, to stay updated and to do what we know best are the secret ingredients in our success.

With experience and knowledge; comes along know-how, a difficult trade to be found in the construction industry for the ones in search of excellent quality and cost-efficiency. Thus, here in Gatenyo & Associates, as an active player in the construction industry, we integrate our vast database of architectural design, material sources and engineering in projects and become a total resource for know-how, materials and trades related to construction, improvement and maintenance.

Art Rendering

Real Estate

real estate is a great investment. we find the new home for your family or business. we meet with local and international clients to assess their needs and provide them with high-end residential and commercial properties. Our team specializes in niche markets for private investments. we also provide consultation for private equity, mergers and acquisitions.

Cost-Effective & Quality-Conscious

We've been delivering cost-effective, quality-conscious work for more than a decade and we have the experience to tackle any project. From the initial planning and design to interior finish work, we do it all. We offer new construction and remodeling services for all types of properties, including:

Offices | Warehouses | Restaurants | Metal Buildings | High-Rises

We Guarantee Our Work

At Gatenyo & Associates Inc., we stand behind our work. Your satisfaction keeps us in business, so we make sure every job is done right. If you have any problems, just call us and we'll come back to make things right—guaranteed!