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Architectural and Engineering work for both Residential and Commercial Venues

Transform your property with the help of a skilled architect and interior designer. Based in Los Angeles, California, Gatenyo & Associates Inc. offers complete design and construction services for homeowners, startups, and established companies on the West Coast.


Gatenyo & Associates Inc. provides multidisciplinary services of architectural design (interior and exterior), structural engineering and construction works. We have an extensive portfolio of projects of various services; individual or combined with respect to the demands of the client and needs of the work to be done.

Recent Work

Interior Design

A great office boosts productivity and improves your workflow. We design interiors for residential and commercial clients. Whether you're expanding your home or moving into a new office building, we ensure your space meets your needs perfectly. Gatenyo & Associates Inc. is your one-stop shop for design work. We coordinate and oversee all the trades to deliver high-quality work that you will love.

Architectural Services

An experienced architect spots potential problems and pitfalls before they become costly. Our architectural team helps you stay on budget and create functional, beautiful buildings. We offer complete support at every step of the way and provide a full range of services, including:

Layouts | Renderings | Blueprints